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Top Home Theater Projector with Bluetooth

By XGIMI Tech - 2023-05


You deserve a nice, relaxing time at home after a long day to watch some of your favorite movies or shows with your family. Using a home cinema projector, you can have quality screen time with family and friends. Let’s talk about why you need the best home cinema projector that even comes with Bluetooth.

What Is the Purpose of a Bluetooth Projector?

A Bluetooth projector allows you to connect to external devices via Bluetooth. It is commonly used for connecting to Bluetooth speakers to provide a better sound experience. Wi-Fi technology allows connection mainly for streaming and screencasting; it usually does not support connectivity with external speakers.

With a wireless Bluetooth projector, you can connect to Bluetooth speakers and enjoy a rich audio sound alongside a clear screen projection. Bluetooth projectors usually include Wi-Fi cards to connect to different devices based on your needs. It’s designed to offer customers versatility and extra convenience.

What Are the Advantages of Wireless Projectors?

The XGIMI home theater projector with Bluetooth is an excellent example of a wireless project you can invest in for your viewing pleasure. Here are some advantages of getting such a wireless projector:

1. No Cables

I’m sure you’re familiar with the tangling mess and space consumption that comes with using cables. With our home theater projector, you only need a power cable for home projectors when connecting to Bluetooth. The room you use for projections remains neat without many cables tangled around. You don’t have to worry about spending extra money purchasing an HDMI or VGA cable.

2. Proper Illumination

HORIZON Pro home projector provides adequate lighting for any time of the day. You will enjoy sharp and clear images regardless of when you’re using a projector. Whether your room is lit by the afternoon sun or it’s almost midnight, our wireless Bluetooth projector offers the best viewing screen for you.

3. Flexibility

Due to the wireless feature of our projectors, you are not limited to the terminating point of a cable . The user can use the home cinema projector within the connectivity range of their device and enjoy stellar quality images. The XGIMI home projector offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, so you can easily connect to various devices within a significant distance and enjoy yourself. These devices may include smartphones, computers, watches, and any device that possesses the Wi-Fi feature. Bluetooth speaker also allows you to connect to audio devices.

4. Smart Screen Alignment

HORIZON pro is a great home cinema projector to invest in for various reasons. This includes the presence of the Intelligent Screen Adapter (ISA) technology that saves you from the stress of readjusting your projector for minutes. This technology uses intelligent screen alignment, auto keystone correction, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and autofocus.

These features allow the projected image of the HORIZON pro to fit your screen size. You don't have to go through the stress of finding the perfect position for your projector, as our smart device takes care of that for you. To get a perfectly square image with our projector, simply align the HORIZON Pro at +/- 40 degrees from a vertical or horizontal angle. Despite the presence of paintings, outlets, or plants in your room, you can get a perfect view thanks to HORIZON Pro's obstacle avoidance feature.

5. Cinematic Sound

What's a home cinema projector screen without great sound? Our HORIZON Pro uses a professional sound system with Harman Kardon. With almost no distortion and a highly adaptive system, you get great sound with striking visuals. Nothing strikes a better balance than that. You can also create a virtual audio experience using the bass and dialog enhancement feature. The HORIZON Pro also suffices as a Bluetooth speaker, which you can connect to any device and listen to great audio.

6. Adjustable Screen Size

Our wireless projector offers a satisfactory view by offering different screen sizes. The Horizon Pro’s 1:2:1 throw ratio offers you flexibility with how you install and position your projector in any room. Is your room large or small? You can adjust the screen size to fit the viewing space and enjoy your home projector cinema.

7. Eye Friendly

A home projector cinema screen that is comfortable for the eyes is the dream of most customers. The HORIZON Pro projector emits low blue light, making your viewing experience comfortable and safe even when watching your favorite movie or show for hours. Summarily, you enjoy great visuals without stressing your eyes.

8. High-quality Image

The icing on the HORIZON Pro cake is that it provides a clear, colorful image. It uses strong XGIMI imaging features that comes with an AI optical sensor. You get a consistent quality display of images on your screen with a detailed contrast. The HORIZON Pro uses HDR technology to provide a great contrast ratio in dark and bright spaces. When it comes to colors, you get an accurate representation of a wide range of shades any time you use our home cinema projectors.

Home projector also uses the MEMC frame interpolation technology to produce a low latent image with minimal blur. The technology prevents fluctuations in the sharpness of moving images. Our projector's bright and sharp imagery will make your home cinematic experience even more exciting. You will enjoy your movies, shows, and sports even in the most intense moments and scenes.

What If the Projector Doesn’t Have Bluetooth?

Due to the popularity of wireless audio devices like headphones and speakers, manufacturers now include Bluetooth in projectors. This increases the range of devices a projector can connect to and adds an extra layer of convenience for the user. However, many projectors in the market today still don’t possess Bluetooth features.

For those projectors, you can use Bluetooth transmitters. You can connect Bluetooth transmitters to any available audio ports on your projector. Audio cables are also a substitute for Bluetooth transmitters, allowing you to connect to speakers and similar devices. We highly recommend investing in our HORIZON Pro projector, which comes with Bluetooth and other amazing features. It is worth every cent.

FAQs About Home Cinema Projector

Get more details about bluetooth home theater projector.

Does a Wireless Projector Need Wi-Fi?

Yes! A wireless projector needs Wi-Fi to connect to devices like smartphones and computers. They come with a Wi-Fi card which makes this connection possible. To begin enjoying the perks of a wireless projector, you first install the connection application or program provided by the projector manufacturer. Our home projector comes with instructions on how to perform this action and begin enjoying a great viewing experience.

What Does It Mean When a Projector Is Wireless?

When a projector is wireless, it means it does not require cables to connect to devices. It makes use of Wi-Fi technology which facilitates connectivity to other smart devices. This saves you from the messiness and lack of flexibility that comes with using cables with your projector. Next time you hear the term wireless, think of ‘no cables.’

How Can I Make My Projector Bluetooth?

You can use Bluetooth connectivity if you have a Bluetooth speaker. If your projector doesn’t come with a Bluetooth feature, there are two options you can go for. You can get a Bluetooth transmitter that allows you to connect your projector to Bluetooth speakers and headphones. The second option is an audio cable connecting your projector to a Bluetooth device.

Can I Use My Smartphone as a Projector?

Yes, you can use your smartphone as a projector if your device supports it. However, you may not get a quality view of the images you project. It's best to invest in a great projector like our HORIZON Pro, which allows you to connect and project sharp images from your phone and other smart devices. Rather than using your phone as a projector, consider investing in a projector.

Can I Project With a Projector Wirelessly?

Yes, you can project a projector wirelessly using a projector that supports Wi-Fi technology. You can purchase a wireless projector with a Wi-Fi card to achieve this. There are optional wireless projectors that require you to purchase a USB wireless adapter. XGIMI wireless comes with a Wi-Fi card, allowing you to project wirelessly. You can connect them to devices that allow Wi-Fi connection and project wirelessly.


In conclusion, a Bluetooth home theater projector is a convenient and flexible device that can be used to enjoy movies, TV shows, games, and presentations on a larger screen without the need for a physical connection to the source device. With Bluetooth connectivity, users can easily connect their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to the projector and stream content wirelessly.

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