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How XGIMI Provides You An Immersive,
Crystal-Clear Viewing Experience

By XGIMI Tech - 2022-04

A True 4K Experience

In the past, 4K content sources were relatively scarce. Today, the ultra-HD resolution is available on popular streaming platforms, meaning more movie fans desire 4K home theaters. 4K resolution contains approximately 4,000 (3840 × 2160) pixels, four times that of 1080p, and is the dominant display standard for television and media outlets.

XGIMI provides you 4k experience

In 2021, XGIMI launched two 4K products, HORIZON Pro and AURA, offering a professional 4K experience at reasonable prices. We especially emphasize “true” 4K to differentiate from the false advertising seen by some manufacturers. There are countless products on Amazon claiming to feature native 4K UHD. However, said products cannot deliver a genuine 4K experience.. Moreover, for some, the image reduces in quality when smart features like keystone correction or MEMC (motion compensation) are enabled.

In the eyes of XGIMI engineers and our image quality experts, 4K projectors should have:

  • A professional 4K DMD chip;
  • A professional 4K resolution lens;
  • A projected picture that can reach 3840 × 2160 ultra-high definition resolution;
  • 4K resolution even when projecting from the side and with MEMC (motion compensation) enabled.

Therefore, we equipped HORIZON Pro with a 0.47DMD chip and a customized 4K lens. This ensures that the 4K resolution is always crystal clear from the DMD chip to the final projected image, especially when projecting sideways towards the wall or when the MEMC feature is in use. It was an incredible accomplishment–one that has been difficult for other projector brands to achieve. 

Unique Image Enhancement Technology

Yes, XGIMI produces 4K projectors. But what makes our image quality better?

We use DLP imaging and XPR technology to provide users with 800W pixel images and achieve a 4K display. Some brands use 3LCD technology paired with 4K enhancement technology, which can only deliver a 450W pixel picture. However, a 4K image with an 800W pixel point is needed to meet the DCI specification, ensuring users a clearer and sharper picture.

Hardware configuration is essential in determining image quality for projectors, but it is not the only factor. XGIMI has developed several image-enhancing features through continuous research and experimentation, ensuring all users have lifelike picture quality for everything they love to watch.

X-VUE Image Engine

Our X-VUE image engine boosts clarity and color detail, helping to provide ultra-clear visual quality for an immersive viewing experience. It took over five years of research and developing our image quality technology to create the industry-leading X-VUE 1.0 Moreover, last year, we improved upon the technology and launched X-VUE 2.0, greatly enhancing the clarity, color, and purity of the projector display. Here’s how:

Clarity Enhancement

A projector’s most fundamental function is casting enormous pictures. However, if the definition is insufficient, the overall picture quality will be subpar. Even worse, watching movies or binge-watching your favorite TV series for a long-time may cause dizziness. To resolve this, we equipped our X-VUE 2.0 image engine with a Clarity Enhancement system, which optimizes large-screen quality, making the image smoother as well as clearer in layers and details.

For dark scenes that are not pronounced for clear viewing, the Clarity Enhancement system outlines objects that are difficult to see. As shown in the picture below, the integrated technology actively identifies the male character and ensures that he is presented vividly to the viewer.

The importance of clarity enhancement

The Clarity Enhancement system algorithm also does wonders for displaying images with rich details. After optimizing these areas in the image, the veins of leaves, the texture on dragonfly wings, and even individual hair strands are all clearly displayed. 

XIGIMI X-VUE 2.0 offers better clarity

As shown in the picture above, the earth’s surface is significantly sharper with X-VUE 2.0.

Color Revivification (True Color Restoration):

Improving image sharpness overall required solving another issue: color disformity. Our X-VUE image engine is equipped with a True Color Restoration system by integrating automatic white balance algorithms. The photo-mechanical color system corrects colors to a unified standard temperature range. This ensures all images displayed are rich in color, uniform in appearance, and distortion-free.

In addition, the True Color Restoration system identifies different objects in the picture through intelligent algorithms and independently optimizes and enhances the colors of said objects. As shown in the figure below, the X-VUE True Color Restoration technology can identify the astronaut, the ground on which he stands, and the redness of the rock face in the background. Each of the objects are enhanced in their real-life colors without affecting each other.

 XGIMI X-VUE True Color Restoration technology enables color revivification

*X-VUE True Color Restoration technology can identify the astronaut, the ground on which he stands, and the redness of the rock face in the background. 

The True Color Restoration system will also make targeted adjustments to the skin color of the characters in the picture based on viewing preference while preserving key details. Moreover, this system can also enhance and dynamically adjust the contrast of the entire picture, displaying more picture details in scenes and interlacing light and dark.

Ultra De-Noise (Exceptional Image Noise Reduction) 

For excellent picture quality, noise reduction is essential. Casting on large projector screens amplifies the likelihood of image noise. To address this, we integrated an Image Noise Reduction system, consisting of several technologies, into the XGIMI X-VUE image engine. This system's intelligent algorithms actively suppress noise in different pictures while preserving key image details.

Image noise is often caused by the letters used for subtitles in films or TV shows. Our Image Noise Reduction system utilizes unique technology, making said subtitles display clearer and more three-dimensional while reducing noise.


Although 4K devices have become popular, the lack of 4K content means most users stream 1080p or 720p videos on their projector. This produces an inadequate image, easily noticeable on a large screen. The Image Noise Reduction system eliminates “jagged” image edges caused by low precision, increasing image smoothness and clarity even when projecting 1080p/720p content with a 4K device.

 XGIMI Ultra De-Noise performance

The X-VUE 2.0 image engine also adds AI and high-precision sensors so that XGIMI products can automatically recognize the changes in light in the environment and intelligently adjust the screen brightness. In a well-lit room during the day, the projection brightness will increase to compensate for the ambient light. When watching in a dark room at night, the brightness will automatically decrease for a softer display.

XGIMI projectors can intelligently adjust the screen brightness


When watching a thrilling movie at night, it’s easy to miss important picture details. This leads to shoddy image quality, effectively ruining one’s immersive audio-visual experience. Therefore, we have equipped our most popular products with HDR10 decoding technology, which greatly improves the picture contrast by using dynamic metadata to produce higher contrast ratios and phenomenal color depth for every frame. Consequently, the bright parts of the picture will not be over-exposed, and the details of the dark areas will never be lost, creating a profound sense of depth and three-dimensionality.

XGIMI HDR10 technology produces higher contrast ratios and phenomenal color depth

MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation)

The movies you love to watch are generally made up of a series of still images, frame by frame. The higher the number of frames, the smoother the picture looks. 24 frames per second is the standard for compressed video content, mainly since it transmits better to our devices. For fast-paced content, like a Fast and Furious car chase scene, motion that is not compensated for will create an image trailing/jittering, negatively impacting the viewing experience. 

Although a common issue, traditional projectors failed to resolve this as they were not entertainment devices, more so tools for businesses and schools. XGIMI has always been focused on optimizing the home entertainment atmosphere. Therefore we addressed this problem head-on.

XGIMI 60Hz MEMC technology reduces image jitter and smearing

We added the 60Hz MEMC technology to our products, which was once only available in high-end home TVs. Thanks to intelligent chips with immense computing power, the original 24-frame picture has been increased to 60 through frame insertion. With the newly added frames, image jittering and smearing are eradicated for action movies and sports games– so much so you’ll feel as if the action is happening in your living room. 

Low-Latency Gaming

Besides watching movies and listening to music, people also use our projection products to play video games. Our product manager is an avid gamer, and he used his understanding of the industry to elevate our users’ gaming experience. This led to the development of a Game Mode and Game Mode Boost, which greatly reduces game delays, fully immersing you in any graphic-intensive world. With a 100-inch screen, supersizing what you love to play, making you think you were actually in the game yourself.

XGIMI's Game mode gives you a better gaming experience

*With Game mode enabled, the characters use shield props to defend in real-time.

Without Game mode, the game experience is reduced

*Without Game mode, latency rates are higher, resulting in the characters failing to activate their defenses in time.

Projection Technology that Exceeds Expectations

It is precisely because of these technological developments that we stand out from many brands. However, our determination to continuously optimize the visual experience will never stop. We believe that projection technology should do more than just cast large images. This attitude pushes us to create the ultimate entertainment devices that provide users with the immersive viewing experience they deserve.

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