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Portable Screen Projector for On-the-Go Presentations

By XGIMI Tech - 2023-05


Professionals and businesses have long used projectors to aid their presentations, and portable screen projectors now make presentations easier. Location is no longer a constraint to making presentations since portable projector screens are now available, making impromptu and on-the-go presentations possible.

Luckily, there are many great products out there, like XGIMI projectors. XGIMI has some of the best portable screen projectors for on-the-go presentations.

Part 1. Advantages of Portable Screen Projector

Projectors are necessary for efficient and effective communication to a large audience. Hence, they are great for presentations. Projector screens portables are mobile and can be carried from one place to another; they are not fixed. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of portable screen projectors and what to consider when purchasing them.

Portable screens are essential for on-the-go presentations for the following reasons:

1. Portability

For professionals who travel all the time and present in different locations, a portable screen projector is ideal. Its lightweight and compact design can fit into your bag or purse.

2. Flexibility

You must find the right location and surface before setting up your projector, making portable projectors great investments for on-the-go presentations. You can set them up anywhere and at any angle since with a portable screen for projector. You can also easily pack them up once you are done.

3. Large Screen Display

If you want to communicate more effectively to your audience, a Projector screens portable is a good choice since it has a large display compared to most TV screens. They can project a screen size of 120 to 150 inches for more comfortable viewing.

4. Ease of Setup

Many portable screen projectors come with easy options for connection, including HDMI, WiFi, and USB. They also come with auto setup features that make the process stress-free. Their compact size makes setup easy since you can place them anywhere and in any room.

5. Better Image Quality

Mobile screens make it easier for you to make presentations with better quality. You only need a flat surface or screen for a display to enjoy crisp and clear images.

Part 2. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Screen Projector

The following are the factors that you have to consider when purchasing a portable screen projector:

1. Brightness and Resolution

The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens. The higher the brightness of your projector screen (in lumens), the brighter the room you can use your projector. For a projector screen portable with lower brightness, you need to make the room dark to view the screen clearly.

You should opt for projector screens with higher lumens if you frequently use them in well-lit rooms. Typically, 300-400 ANSI lumens is incredible for dark rooms, and 500 -1000 ANSI lumens works well for brightly-lit rooms.

The Resolution of a projector screen determines the clarity of the images it will produce. A resolution of at least 1080p is okay for clear images; they can, however, have a resolution of up to 4K.

2. Portability

The size and weight of the projector are other critical factors you should consider when selecting a projector. If you want one you can easily carry, go for a lightweight and compact projector. The smaller the size, the easier to carry about.

3. Battery Life

Portable projectors usually come with batteries. Check the quoted battery runtime before purchasing the projector to know how long it can last. Projectors mostly come with a runtime of 2-4 hours. Those with higher brightness will consume the battery faster than lower brightness.

4. Connectivity Options

The connectivity options allow transferring images, videos and audio from your device to the projector. HDMI, DVI, VGA, and USB ports are available for connection in most projector screens. Ensure that your device (the one you will use frequently) is compatible with the connection option available on the projector.

5. Price

Price is always an essential factor, especially if you have a tight budget. You should get the best deal that is valuable yet affordable.

Part 3. Top XGIMI Portable Screen Projectors 

Here you can get details about XGIMI MoGo 2 Series portable projectors.

1. XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro

XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro produces a high brightness of 400 ISO lumens. The projector's inbuilt Intelligent Screen Adaptation ISA 2.0 technology will deliver a professional and extraordinary visual experience on a 120-inch display screen.

It comes with a D65 color temperature that delivers detailed colors. The sound is powered by two 8W Harman Kardon speakers giving it a magnificent sound quality compatible with Dolby Audio.


  • XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro delivers good image quality with precise details; It displays a brilliant color gamut when compared to other products.
  • MoGo 2 Pro adapts easily and faster to the environment where it is positioned because it is equipped with a custom-developed 3D ToF module. The upgraded ISA technology gives faster, more accurate and automatic keystone correction.
  • This projector comes with a ToF lens that detects when someone is in front of the infrared light and dims its light automatically to protect the person's eye. Also, it automatically scales its display around obstacles such as sockets and picture frames.

2. XGIMI MoGo 2

MoGo 2 features 400 lumens brightness and an FHD resolution for crisp and clear projection. It has a color temperature of D65, the standard in Hollywood. The screen size is 120 inches, and with its DLP technology, this projector delivers more affluent and accurate colors.

XGIMI MoGo 2 has an Auto Focus, Auto keystone correction, Intelligent Screen Alignment, and Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance technology that makes it easy to set up the projector. The projector sound is powered by two 8W Harman Kardon speakers with good sound quality.


  • MoGo 2 delivers an outstanding and uninterrupted visual experience. Courtesy of the Android Tv 11.0, you have numerous app options to keep you connected. With the aid of Google Assistant, you can use your voice to perform tasks.

3. XGIMI Halo+

If you were not so impressed by XGIMI MoGo 2 and its pro, then you can aim higher with XGIMI Halo+. It surpasses the features of most portable screen projectors. It displays images at a brightness of 900 ANSI lumens and a resolution of 1080p FHD; all these fantastic features are in a compact-sized projector.

Halo Plus has Intelligent technology like Auto Focus, Auto keystone correction, Intelligent Screen Alignment, and Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance technology. Its in-built battery has a runtime of about 2.5 hours. Like MoGo 2, Android Tv and Google Assistant are integrated into its design.


  • It delivers brighter visuals than others; it has a relatively long-lasting battery life and numerous app options.

4. XGIMI MoGo Pro

Another XGIMI series worth your money is XGIMI MoGo Pro, delivering clear and stunning imagery at a brightness of 300 ANSI lumens and 1080p FHD resolution. It produces a sound of good quality using dual 3-Watt speakers.

Auto Focus and Auto keystone correction contribute to the projector's great visual experience on a 40" - 200" screen size. Additionally, you can access different apps through AndroidTv along with a durable battery that lasts about 2.5 hours.


  • A great visual experience and has a durable battery life. It is also a good option if running on a lower budget.

Part 4. How to Set Up a Portable Screen Projector

Correctly setting up your projector will grossly affect your presentation positively. Do the following to set it up correctly.

1. Choosing the Right Surface

Choose a surface that is reflective (glossy and smooth), white or light colored surfaces and more extensive than your screen size. Projector screens, whiteboards or light-colored walls (without texture) are suitable surfaces. You can carry portable projector screens along with you. Portable projector screens may come with stands or pull-up screens.

2. Setting Up the Projector

After ensuring the projector is fully charged, or you can leave it connected to a power source, pair your remote with the projector through Bluetooth. You can decide to mount your projector on the wall or ceiling, or you can use a portable projector screen with stand, especially for short-throw projectors. But always ensure you consider the size of the room and throw distance when setting up.

3. Adjusting the Image

You may need to adjust your image to get a perfect display physically. But portable screen projectors with intelligent features can help automatically adjust the screen, easing the process.

● Place the projector on a leveled surface a distance from the projection surface and turn it on; the projector will automatically adjust its image.

● Press "Focus" on the remote to focus the image or use the focus ring on the projector.

● Connect the projector to external devices using an HDMI cable, VGA cable or any other available means of connection.

You can consult the manual while setting up a projector or device.

Tips for Delivering a Successful Presentation with a Projector

1. Practice Before the Presentation:

The practice prevents poor performance, including practicing how to set up and operate your projector. It is also a necessary step to ensure everything is working perfectly.

2. Be Prepared for Technical Difficulties:

Technical issues may occur, so it is appropriate to prepare a backup plan if any difficulty arises.

3. Arrive Early to Set Up:

Setting up early releases the anxiety and tension that may occur if you have to present immediately after setting up.

4. Engage the Audience:

Making a presentation interactive by asking and indulging the audience's questions makes it more effective and exciting.


Portable projectors come in a small compact design that makes them easy to carry around. They can conveniently fit into your bag or purse and are a must-have for professionals who present on the go.

An excellent portable projector with clear images, durable battery life and unique features will best impress your coworkers, prospects, target audience and employers whenever you make a presentation. So, if presenting on the go is a part of your everyday job, getting an excellent portable projector like the XGIMI series is a valuable investment.

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