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Pure Projector Designs That Complement Any Lifestyle

By XGIMI Tech - 2022-04

8 years ago, there were few projectors designed for home use. Many products that claimed to be home projectors featured only minor upgrades and were essentially manufactured under the traditional projection framework. Yes, they fulfilled their roles in casting large screens, especially for conference room presentations or as teaching tools, but their designs and features were anything but satisfactory for home use.

We surveyed global projector enthusiasts and discovered most disliked the traditional projector appearance because:

  • The bulky size took up too much space in their homes.
  • The design was far less than appealing for a home electronic product meant for personal use, failing to integrate smoothly into their decor.

“ We knew right then and there that a change was needed. Home projector designs should serve the user, not disrupt their living spaces. ” ‒ XGIMI ID Design Director.

*Traditional projectors

After conducting several Global User Surveys, our designers refined three key design principles for XGIMI projectors:

  • Designs Focused on Home Use
  • Simple Yet Sophisticated
  • Comprehensive Sound Design

Designs Focused on Home Use

Initially, our designers realized that the product concept should adapt to various user scenarios. Bringing the projector from the conference room to the living room‒regardless of whether it is tasteless or exaggerated as avant-garde art‒required a thorough understanding of the user. Otherwise, we risked disturbing their home environment.

*XGIMI design manuscript

We designed our products to be more than machines–integrate into the home environment, embellishing your life like an old friend. Consequently, each product maintains a meaningful, long-term presence and helps you create endless heart-warming moments. 

Simple Yet Sophisticated

Producing a simple look was not an easy task and by no means equated to a lack of style or creativity. Our designers needed to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Therefore, we always choose solid colors and simple lines with smooth textures. This ensures each product maintains its grandeur without becoming obsolete, all while supersizing everything you love to watch, listen to, or play. 

Comprehensive Sound Design

XGIMI had a goal–create the ultimate entertainment device: content, stunning resolution, and booming sound all-in-one so that even the average consumer could easily enjoy unforgettable cinematic experiences at a reasonable price. In the past, consumers were oblivious to the importance of sound for projectors. XGIMI believes that picture quality paired with excellent audio is essential. This idea influenced our designers’ creativity and the “Comprehensive Sound Design” concept‒XGIMI’s unique design style.

HORIZON Pro is our flagship home projector dedicated to being the entertainment center in every user’s living space. By utilizing the three design principles mentioned above, we can provide users with an excellent design, phenomenal visuals, and booming audio to create a movie-theater experience that can be enjoyed at home. 


HORIZON Pro’s high-quality metallic body and slightly calm dark-gray color exude grace and sophistication. We deviated from a trendy look that only seeks to catch the user’s eye and quickly becomes outdated. HORIZON Pro’s design is timeless, as lavish as a work of art‒an enduring beauty.

Under HORIZON Pro’s dark metal shell, we concealed two speakers as well as air inlets and outlets, guaranteeing we had fantastic sound without revealing any internal structural details.

To maintain a unified and harmonious design concept, we ensured that the product only featured commonly-used buttons and saved other functions for the XGIMI remote control, providing both fantastic features and aesthetics.

*HORIZON Pro product details

Our "Comprehensive Sound Design" has widened the gap between us and traditional projectors, and it is also one of the important reasons why more users choose XGIMI. Ensuring excellent sound quality meant reserving enough space for the speakers while maintaining a compact look. Of course, the larger the speaker unit, the better the sound quality. However, fulfilling our needs was a challenge even for the well-known audio brand Harman Kardon. Still, the space constraints did not discourage our designers; it sparked their enthusiasm for creation.

Harman Kardon customized the sound for HORIZON Pro, improved the usage rate of the sound cavity, and enhanced the audio tremendously within the compact size. In addition, to further maximize the sound quality, we also provide users with a Bluetooth audio mode. Pairing your smartphone via Bluetooth with our projectors gives you quick access to your favorite music, elevating every family’s listening experience.

*Enjoy live concerts with HORIZON Pro

Many XGIMI users desire to use our products in different rooms or take them outdoors. Therefore our designers began to think of a new vertical product concept‒one that worked wonderfully in any room and on the go. First, we knew it had to be portable, packed with a powerful battery, eliminating the need for a power source when outdoors.

The Halo series utilizes the same ID design language seen on HORIZON Pro‒metal mesh material + dark-gray color. Our designers innovatively provided a sleek, vertical look that makes it easy to place our portable projectors in a backpack or suitcase. Moreover, the built-in high-capacity batteries and Harman Kardon speakers allow consumers to enjoy a true cinematic experience anywhere, anytime. Your romantic indoor movie nights or camping trips will never be the same!

*Halo+ is the ultimate adventure companion

*Extraordinary camping trips with Halo+ 

Halo+ also features a similar clever design, which has helped us evolve with new usage scenarios. Gone are the days of having to purchase an external stand or bracket to stabilize your portable projector when outdoors. Halo+ comes with a stand integrated on the bottom of the device for easy opening and to conceal it perfectly when not in use. This ensures an excellent balance between beauty and practicality.

*Halo+ enlivens any romantic evening 

We knew that our design principles would change dynamically with various usage scenarios colliding with different decors. Therefore, we developed the XGIMI Elfin!

With Elfin, we deviated away from our typical metallic design and utilized a simple white as the primary color. Elfin is a great companion for young users moving into their new apartments or homes, with the white body appeasing many worldwide.

*XGIMI Elfin product details

Elfin has a flat, squared design with a thickness of only 1.97 inches. This means you can easily store it in a drawer or backpack without it taking up extra space.

Moreover, instead of using cold right angles, we opted for rounded curvatures, like Apple, that exude minimalism. This ensured Elfin’s aesthetically-pleasing design that comforts the consumer while blending in seamlessly with their decor.

On Elfin, you can hardly see any seams. With such an incredibly high design integrity, even the buttons on the fuselage have changed from the HORIZON Pro's push-type to touch-type. Gently brushing Elfin's body, you’ll feel it as smooth as silk.

*XGIMI Elfin

Although an entry-level product, we still equipped Elfin with Harman Kardon speakers. Moreover, to ensure excellent sound quality, we integrated small holes for sound generation on the right side of the lens. Thanks to the CNC process, these holes are small in diameter, uniform, and arranged in a dense to sparse gradient. This helped create Elfin’s lively and agile appearance paired with cinematic sound. 

Award-Winning Designs

We design our products to be more than machines–embellishing your life like an old friend. Therefore, we utilized simple aesthetics so that our products could integrate into different home environments.

Simultaneously, we continuously polished every aspect of the look to strike an elegant balance between beauty and practicality while staying true to our unique “Comprehensive Sound Design” concept. Consequently, each product is designed to enhance your lifestyle and never complicate it or your living space. This dedication has helped us earn multiple awards, including the U.S. CES Innovation Award, Germany Red Dot Award, Germany iF Design Award, Japan Good Design Award, and other industrial design awards. We are now convinced that we can serve users with different preferences and interests worldwide.

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