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Why You Need A 4K Projector with Dolby Vision

By XGIMI Tech - 2023-09 

4K Projector Technology with An Amazing Upgrade

Projectors have experienced significant changes over the years, from bulky hardware producing blurry visuals used in official settings or large gatherings to portable devices with a viewing quality capable of replacing the TV at home. With the introduction of 4K technology in portable projectors, projectors have become reliable for viewing different forms of content, and many people find them excellent. XGIMI continuously finds new ways to ensure they provide users with the best possible quality by introducing newer, more innovative technologies with every release.

The brand-new XGIMI HORIZON Ultra introduces incredible features never before seen in a 4K long throw projector. This includes Dolby Vision Technology, improving HDR (High Dynamic Range) quality and delivering jaw-dropping quality. A Dolby Vision projector provides better color accuracy, brightness, and contrast. Below, you’ll get a detailed look at how Dolby Vision enhances projector capabilities in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

Part 1. Dolby Vision HDR

Here’s how Dolby Vision HDR is an improved version of the standard HDR 10:

1. Metadata
Dolby Vision HDR enhances metadata to give the viewer the most precise possible form of media content. Whether gaming, presenting slides, or watching a movie with friends, you get an enhanced and smooth view, all thanks to its dynamic metadata. After transferring your desired media from its source, the projector takes care of the rest.

2. Brightness
The XGIMI HORIZON Ultra with Dolby Vision offers ultra brightness levels with 2300 ISO Lumens. It also features innovative Dual Light Technology, combining both LED and Laser light sources to ensure an ingenious cinematic viewing experience. This new dual-light view gives you a natural color spectrum, ultra-high brightness, and a vast color gamut for everything you love to watch!

3. Color Depth
With a Dolby Vision projector, you experience colors in a new way. They offer a greater color depth, allowing you to easily notice different shades, tones, and brightness levels. Whether viewing a dark movie scene or an TV show with the sunlight at its peak, you get true-to-life colors like never before.

The fantastic contrast Dolby Vision provides also facilitates your perception of lifelike imagery. You will enjoy the details of bright or dark colors and any shades in between displayed during your favorite TV shows, games, and movies.

4. Dynamic Adjustments
Traditional projectors struggled with ambient light, affecting the image quality. Wall and obstacle backgrounds may also sabotage your viewing clarity. HORIZON Ultra boasts the latest Intelligent Screen Adaptation (ISA) 3.0 with Intelligent Wall Color Adaption, automatically adjusting to your viewing setup. Moreover, you get a megapixel CMOS, light sensor modules, and 3D ToF.

ISA 3.0 allows the projector to intelligently manage screen alignment, dynamic adjustment of screen color, brightness, and contrast. Dynamic adjustments deliver incredible clarity in varying environmental conditions or ambient lighting. This means you always get the best view when using the projector at midday or midnight. During the day, the brightness is optimized, and you get an enhanced view of colors even during dark movie scenes. All changes occur automatically, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy without lifting a finger.

5. Display Adaptability
In addition to dynamic adjustments and wall color adaption, ISA 3.0 also features an Uninterrupted Auto Focus, Auto Keystone Correction, and Intelligent Eye Protection. You also get an Intelligent Screen Alignment and Obstacle Avoidance with eagle-eye adaptability. Enjoy a clear view without obstacle interruption, blurriness, and unstable alignment. Your view stays crystal clear automatically while adjusting to the changes in your viewing environment and protecting your eyes from light source fatigue.

6. Licensing and Implementation
With HORIZON Ultra, there’s no need to purchase a special license or worry about an implementation process when using the official Dolby Vision. After purchasing, you have full access to Dolby technology and other exciting features that make HORIZON Ultra a worthy investment.

xgimi horizon ultra-Next level 4K with Dolby Vision

Part 2. What You Can Expect with HORIZON Ultra — A 4K Projector with Dolby Vision?

1. Enhanced Visual Quality

A. Detailed Imagery and Exceptional Clarity with 4K Resolution

The Dolby Vision Projector offers you excellent and immersive imagery with 4K resolution in your living room or home theater. With a 4K quality, you get a detailed and precise view that makes every movie scene or gaming experience unforgettable. HORIZON Ultra's 4K view allows you to bring the cinema home, easily and comfortably. Paired with Dolby Vision, you are ensured a crystal-clear viewing experience any time of day.

B. Dolby Vision’s Dynamic Metadata for Optimized Contrast, Brightness, and Color Accuracy

HORIZON Ultra optimizes its metadata to enhance brightness, color depth, and contrast. These three features positively impact the visual quality of a projected screen. By optimizing each, Dolby Vision provides exceptional, cinematic quality . You will quickly notice contrast in lighting, color shades, and brightness levels, further immersing you in your favorite movies, TV shows, and video games.

C. Expanded Color Gamut and Increased Depth for More Lifelike Visuals

The ability to view and identify a broader range of colors on your screen makes your view more realistic. You get a higher color depth with Dolby Vision, allowing you to fully enjoy every detail, emotion, and scene displayed. HORIZON Ultra is easily an excellent choice for a wholesome cinematic feel.

D. High Dynamic Range (HDR) for Improved Brightness and Contrast Range

HORIZON Ultra with Dolby Vision uses an HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) to further enhance your view's contrast range and brightness. These HDR formats are the current Hollywood industry standard, providing you the best image quality available.

2. Immersive Home Theater Experience

You don’t need to take a trip to your local cinema to enjoy an immersive theatric experience when you can create one at home. HORIZON Ultra with Dolby Vision is all you need to bring that cinematic feel to your living room or bedroom. With its ultra brightness, color depth, and contrast ratio, you will surely enjoy a spectacular view. This Dolby Vision projector also features Dual Light technology (laser + LED) to ensure you enjoy a high-quality view without strain on your eyes.

All of this is displayed on a screen size ranging from 40 to 200 inches, fitting your room size and the number of viewers you’re entertaining. HORIZON Ultra also offers a smooth motion transition with world-renowned built-in Harman Kardon Speakers. You can easily connect the projector with Dolby Atmos and combine it with integrated three-dimensional audio. Enjoy the cinematic feel you deserve, every time you screen your favorite movies.

3. Enhanced Gaming Experience

HORIZON Ultra, with 60HZ, incredible refresh rates, and a 18ms latency, gives gamers an unforgettable playing experience. You can play video games with high graphic quality and enjoy a realistic and detailed view on your screen without blurriness or lagging. Nothing’s more annoying than having an input lag when immersed in your favorite games with friends. With HORIZON Ultra, there’s very low input lag, ensuring immediate responses to gaming actions in real time.

Gaming scenes are usually busy and change quickly, but thanks to Dynamic HDR and Dolby Vision, you won’t miss a thing. You can enjoy realistic gaming with a smooth transition of your movements due to high frame rates. HORIZON Ultra delivers smooth, visually appealing, and responsive gameplay. If you’re a gamer, this is the projector for you.

4. Versatile Connectivity and Content Options

Whether you’re a gamer or planning a movie night, XGIMI HORIZON Ultra is compatible with different media devices or content sources. This includes gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, streaming devices, and smartphones via its HDMI, USB, and other integrated ports. You can also access Dolby Vision-enabled content through streaming platforms and Ultra HD Blu-rays. HORIZON Ultra is also compatible with intelligent home systems and voice control connected through services like Chromecast built-in, providing an added luxury of convenience during use. You really can’t go wrong with this intelligent projector.

Part 3. Final Takeaway

A Dolby Vision projector is what you need to transform your viewing experience. From the ultra-brightness and ISA 3.0 technology to its intelligent, dynamic adjustments and connectivity options, HORIZON Ultra with Dolby Vision offers you everything you need in one sleek, compact design. If you wish to experience the greatness of Dolby Vision, consider a visually breathtaking and immersive viewing experience you’ll never forget.

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  • 4K with Dolby Vision: Experience unparalleled brightness, exceptional color accuracy, and premier image quality for a true Dolby Vision theater experience.
  • 2300 ISO Lumens: HORIZON Ultra features ultra-high brightness plus lifelike color, providing incredible image detail morning, day, and night.
  • Dual Light Technology: Pairing LED and Laser technology, HORIZON Ultra delivers the ultimate color accuracy, brightness, and color gamut for a visual experience you’ll never forget.
  • Intelligent Screen Adaption 3.0: Our upgraded ISA technology smoothly optimizes projector environmental adaptability, easy usage, wall color adjustment, optical zoom, and other ISA features like never before!
  • Dual 12W Harman Kardon Speakers: Combined with DTS Studio Sound Technology, HORIZON Ultra’s two full-range built-in speakers provide three-dimensional surround sound and the unforgettable theater experience you deserve.
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