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Redefining Home Projectors: How XGIMI Helps Users Worldwide Bring The Cinema Home?

By XGIMI Tech - 2022-04

The Way A Projector Should Be

We develop our products, from market research to commercialization, with the user in mind, continuously optimizing the audio-visual experience based on your entertainment needs. We have produced what traditional projectors lack by embracing a “user-first” attitude. Consequently, we have developed a ground-breaking “all-in-one” product concept. This consists of providing millions worldwide with phenomenal resolution, cinematic audio, and built-in entertainment–all in one, aesthetically-pleasing device. Our smart projectors and laser TVs have helped our users create lasting memories and have made it incredibly easy for anyone to access all the content they love at home and on the go. 

Relax with projector entertainment

Reinventing the Wheel

Projectors years ago were still in their traditional state: large, bulky, and failing to provide a theater-like viewing experience in one’s living room. Imagine sifting through piles of wires, struggling to set everything up, only to discover you needed to purchase several external devices (Blu-ray player, speakers, computer, etc.) to complete your personal cinema. Or having to adjust complicated functions like keystone correction and focus repeatedly. Essentially, traditional projectors were not entertainment devices, more so large display screens or business tools that lacked adequate audio, content, and automatic operations.

Differences between traditional projectors and xgimi projectors

Imagery Designed to Immerse

Immersive imagery relies on high-quality resolution and brightness, and without either, we knew our users wouldn’t even bother turning on the projector. XGIMI opened its Optical Lab to continuously develop professional display resolution and brightness that would amaze users immensely. This was done via optical-mechanical technology, incorporating self-developed dual and four optical paths to exceed what was possible for projector brightness and resolution. You can find more information in: Immersive imagery.

Since then, we have launched 1080p and 4K projectors packed with beaming bright ANSI lumens. To further provide users ultra-clear, lifelike visual quality, we also opened our Image Quality Lab and introduced the X-VUE 2.0 image engine. This ground-breaking technology, consisting of Enhanced clarity, Revivification (True Color Restoration), Ultra de-noise (Exceptional Noise Reduction), significantly boosts clarity and color detail. You can learn more about X-VUE 2.0 here.

Users can enjoy their favorite shows or movies in crystal-clear resolution morning, day, or night without worrying about adjusting the projector position. You may also be interested in ISA technology

Rich Audio Experiences

Car chases, jump scares, and true immersiveness would not be possible without professional audio. Therefore, in 2015, we partnered with the global speaker brand Harman/Kardon, installing specially-designed speakers into each projector. Furthermore, in 2016 we became the first company in the industry to add subwoofers to our products. You can learn more about XGIMI's Harman/Kardon here.

By delivering crisp highs, dynamic midranges, and ample bass, users get a three-dimensional cinematic audio experience that fills their ears with deep individual sounds, allowing everyone in the room to hear and feel more. Why not watch sports as if you’re actually at the stadium? Or feel the thrill of bullets whizzing past your ears during your favorite action movie? All without ever leaving your home. 

XGIMI's Harman Kardon speakers provide high quality sound

XGIMI Projectors Do the Work For You

Our products are designed for anyone to use, from children to grandparents, primarily thanks to the state-of-the-art Intelligent Screen Adaption (ISA) technology. This ground-breaking feature simplifies setup and usability tremendously, eliminating the former hassles with traditional projectors.

Auto keystone correction. Intelligent screen alignment. Autofocus. Intelligent obstacle avoidance. After powering on XGIMI projectors like HORIZON Pro, Halo+, or Elfin, the screen aligns itself for you while actively avoiding nearby obstacles. If you accidentally move the projector. Never fret. The image automatically adjusts and focuses itself without you lifting a finger. You can learn more about XGIMI's ISA technology here.

Bringing You A World of Entertainment

We couldn’t deliver HD resolution and professional sound without ensuring viewers had something to watch. Partnering with Google allowed us to incorporate an Android TV OS. No external laptops, Blu-ray players, or Bluetooth speakers are needed to view or listen to the content you love. Enjoy easy screen navigation and access to 5000+ streaming apps like Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, and Hulu via the built-in Google Play Store. Users can also use Google Assistant to search for movies, dim the lights, and more with their voice or cast apps, photos, videos, and music from smart devices with Chromecast built-in. You may also be interested in Android TV.

XGIMI's Android TV system gives you a variety of options

Designed for Any Space

The harmonization of objects within the home is essential for those desiring balance and comfort. XGIMI believes great products must serve the people and fit seamlessly into their space, ensuring a complete user experience that encapsulates everyday life. You can find more information in: projector designs.

We designed our products to be more than machines–embellishing your life like an old friend. Therefore, we always choose solid colors with smooth textures. Moreover, we utilized simple aesthetics to complete the look, striking an elegant balance between beauty and practicality. This ensures each product maintains a meaningful, long-term presence and helps you create endless heart-warming moments. “Companion,” our award-winning design concept, has earned multiple awards, including the U.S. CES, Germany Red Dot, Germany IF Japan Good Design, and other industrial design awards.

"A good design has warmth," - the mantra of XGIMI's product design director.

XGIMI has earned multiple awards, including the U.S. CES, Germany Red Dot, Germany IF Japan Good Design, and other industrial design awards.

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